Earth Positive T-shirts

These garments are as Earth Positive as possible. They're made from 100% organic and ethically sourced cotton and have a 90% reduced carbon footprint. They look great on us so they'll look great on you too. 

Designed in Aotearoa by Earth-Beat's own visionary mandala artist Samantha Hepburn. We will be experimenting with some natural dyes and will hopefully have more colours for you soon. 

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Introduction to the Altar

8am and 6pm Saturday at the Tipi

Join us at the Earth-Beat Altar as we celebrate the harvest. 

The altar weaves all the strings of the festival together in an actualised representation of the spiritual heart of Earth-Beat. The customised and simple rituals devised for this celebration and this altar will be introduced. This year the themes are the Inner harvest and the Individual's place in the outer world. Come connect with the magic. All welcome in love. 

Earth-Beat SweatLodge

There will be 2 traditional North American Sweatlodge ceremonies taking place at Earth-Beat on Saturday and Sunday at 7am. The exchange for the Sweatlodge is $50.

Click here to read more and to purchase tickets. 

Many indigenous cultures on Turtle Island (North America) have traditionally used the Sweatlodge for purification, cleansing and healing on all levels. Join us in prayer. We thank you. Aho 

Kirtan Collective

5PM Sunday at The Shala (Dharma Realm) 

Sing your heart open with kirtan, also known as joyful chanting or singing heart meditation. The Kirtan Collective is a chance for those who lead kirtan to uplift all. If you’re an experienced kirtan leader and you’d like to be involved with leading, contact Premratna: or email