Shari Rhodes: Intuitive Reader

Shari Rhodes has been an International intuitive reader for the past 35 years. Her readings provide clarification of emotional issues, patterns and blocks, relationship dynamics, medical conditions, purpose, life direction, bereavement, and soul contracts. For more info, and bookings, please contact Shari at or 027-629-5469

Kimberley Pipe: Kinesiology and Muscle Testing

Kimberley Jade Pipe is a Kinesiologist, Coach, Meditation Teacher and Energetic Healer. Having lived in London, traveling Europe, Kimberley experienced different forms of healing and found Kinesiology to be especially powerful and wondered at the amazing results gained from Muscle Testing.  Kimberley then spent 7 years in Sydney, Australia training and running a clinic in Eastern Suburbs.

In 2014 Kimberley was guided back to NZ to Great Barrier Island, a beautiful island in the Hauraki Gulf. Kimberley now has a clinic on the island, as well as in Auckland City and commutes back and forth.  She runs Meditation classes twice a week and facilitates various health and energy Workshops.

Using Kinesiology and Muscle Testing as a tool, Kimberley provides support in all areas of life, whether it is to reduce pain, clear old belief systems, improve performance, create balance in life or move toward a positive new future.



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Nikki Wimsett: Psych-K & Energy Release Work

Nikki has over 35 years experience as an Alternative Therapist, specializing in Artist Therapy (based on Rudolf Steiner philosophy) trained in UK, Therapeutic Massage, Homeobotanic Herbal Medicine, Aromatherapy (Well Park College, NZ), Behavioral Kinesiology (UK), PSYCH-K (NZ), Reiki (NZ). She has worked in schools, private practice and medical centers.

Nikki owns and runs an Organic Retreat Centro “Sunbeam Sanctuary” on Great Barrier Island, NZ. For years Nikki has hosted and run many workshops at her center, some include “Vision Quest”, “Divine PSYCH-K”, she is planning to hold “Creative Reflections” Retreat this coming year, dates to be confirmed.

Nikki is chairman of Aotea Holistic Healing Charitable Trust, on Great Barrier Island. She loves painting and is currently writing and illustrating a series of children’s books called “The Dolphins Deeds”. Nikki has huge organic gardens, orchards and farm yard with all sorts of animals, she catches her own fish, dives and lives off the grid and is relatively self-sufficient. She “walks her talk” with woofers help. Coming up, Nikki is training in Acutonics (Sound Healing) which goes well with the Charka Balancing and Energy Release work. She runs workshops in hand drumming for fun on full moons.

Sandesh: Accunet Balance with Future Medicines

Sandesh combines Accunect TM Balancing sessions with her Herbal range from Mana Soulfood. She also offer Osho Tarot readings and Healing Touch. Sessions can be as unique as the person approaching, she will go with the flow and play with the different qualities.

Accunect TM is a simple but powerful technique. It is a new revolutionary form of healthcare that activates the body's ability to heal on all levels. Mana Soulfood products include herbs, tonics and essences which can be prescribed for personal remedies on the day.( Osho Energy is part of all the healing, as crystals are used in the making of the remedies and is channeled during sessions.

Relaxation massage techniques, crystals, gongs and sufi sounds can be an integral part. A short Reading can offer clearing for life issues.

Lana Raill: Intuitive Tarot with Astrology and First Light Flower Essences

Lana has been working intuitively with the ancient symbolic language of Tarot since 19 years of age. Her love of nature and working with sacred plant medicine, particularly in the form of First Light® flower essences, and the divine arts of astrology and numerology, are incorporated into the readings she provides her clients. She is a fully qualified Naturopath, Medical Herbalist and First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Registered Practitioner.

Lana finds so much joy working with people to help them move through obstacles and challenges, and to assist them as they navigate their way through life to align with their own unique and true path.

Lana looks forward to seeing you at Earth-Beat festival as we celebrate the spirit of the Aquarian Age and join forces to create a new world together.

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Jeanne Waldron: Massage and Healing

Jeanne Waldron has 30 years experience in massage and healing. Rohana-Bodhi is her business. Rohana meaning healing and Bodhi, awakening or enlightenment - it's about removing blockages and awakening the body to its healing process. Jeanne loves to massage and bring healing to others. She can do both deep tissue and relaxation massage.

Jeanne also likes to use crystals as conduits for healing - allowing positive, healing energy to flow into the body as negative, disease-causing energy flows out. She uses them for healing the body, transforming the spirit, inspiring intuitive insight, guarding against negative vibrations, and smoothing the energy flows of spirit and body.

Often the  knots and muscle aches in our bodies are there for deeper reasons like unresolved stress etc. Jeanne finds there are many issues that can come up and be healed during the massage process. She is also a Seer and can offer Spiritual insights. Jeanne makes her own kawakawa balm for massage/healing.

Jeanne has just returned full time to massage after working as a nurse/ Diversional therapist in a very busy dementia Unit. Jeanne has some clients at the brain injury recovery unit and sometimes joins in with the mind, body, spirit expos when they travel.

Keep up to date with Jeanne through her Facebook page 'Rohana-Bodhi massage'


Tony Crewther: Matakite Maori

Tony is descended from the Kaihautu (captain) of the Takii Timu Waka which was the most Tapu (sacred) Waka. Tony’s Tupuna have been guiding and talking to him since he was a child. They show him where in people's bodies they hold the dis-ease and give representation of hurts inflicted from others as objects to remove. Tony uses Karakia and energy and physical point work to facilitate healing.


Gareth Edwards: Running The Bars - Nurturing & Relaxing Head Massage

Come Run Your Bars

Each thought, idea, attitude, decision or belief that you have fixed in place solidifies the energy and limits your capacity to change anything in that area. Come and clean your 'internal hard drive' by Running The Bars - a nurturing & relaxing head massage that might allow something different to show up with ease in your life. Approx. 40-50mins for $50.

Gareth is a musician, writer, laughing yogi & Bars practitioner.


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Sister Souls Massage: Charlotte Christie & Lisa Carse

Charlotte Christie & Lisa Carse are sisters, fully trained and very experienced in their respective fields of Natural Therapies & Wellness. These two sisters come together from both the North and South Islands to provide Holistic, Therapeutic and High Quality Transformational Body Treatments and Massage.

Both Lisa and Charlotte work with energy, and infuse the grounding quality of Hot Stones within their treatments. Infused with Aromatherapy and Reiki light, these two sisters cover a wide range of styles of Massage including Deep Tissue, Energy Healing/Reiki, Aromatherapy, Swedish, LomiLomi, Traditional Maori Mirimiri techniques and values, Ayurvedic Inspired body therapies and Pregnancy Massage.

Each therapist brings with her, her own tools and uniqueness. Lisa Carse is a mother, a trained Yin Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and is the Founder/Owner of Natural Therapies and Massage Clinic in Dunedin.  Charlotte Christie is a Visual Artist, Sacred Movement Artist, Dancer, Yoga Practitioner, Mother and Owner/Founder of Manawanui Massage & Mamatuanuku - she specializes in Women’s Wellness and Wholeness providing body therapies and body movement awareness classes and workshops for women of all ages in Gisborne.  Both sisters have a love for being of service to others and holding space for those wishing to realign, reconnect and move into the next phase of their life through the healing touch of Massage.

 Charlotte Christie

Charlotte Christie

 Lisa Carse

Lisa Carse

Mary Garner: Body Works Collective

Mary Garner has over 25 years practice in the Cleansing and Detoxification Field incorporating  Yoga and Ayurvedic Healing Treatments, with Relaxation Massage and Hypnotherapy. Mary's body work centers around stress reduction, & aromatherapy using pure essential DoTerra Therapeutic Oils, Foot Reflexology, and Yoga Nidra (energy revitalization.) Mary is available to do One-On-One Yoga Therapy, Weight Loss Consultations, and Massage Therapy. In addition Mary offers Ayurvedic Massage, Shirdhara (hot oil dripped onto the forehead), and Svedhana Treatments (steam.)

Body Works Collective & SevenPoint2-The Alkaline Company