Samantha Hepburn: Mandala, Sacred Geometry & Visionary Art Display

Passionately creative since childhood, Samantha Hepburn is visionary artist, based in Mangawhai, New Zealand, working predominantly with mandalas and sacred geometry (the geometry found in all nature). Art provides a meditative platform to express her life experiences, both physical and metaphysical, as well as to inspire connection for others – within themselves, with nature, people, God, everything.

Drawing inspiration largely from nature, spirituality, travel & diverse cultures, Eastern artworks, and visionary artists such as Alex Grey and Autumn Skye Morrison, Samantha has found a unique style which enables her to express her abundant creativity and appreciation of life's beauty.

Samantha shares her creations in a number of forms including prints, cards, large mandala paintings, and most recently screen printed organic, sustainable bags and clothing. To check these out and see some of Samantha's work, visit:











Sarah Beale and Alex Feasey: Nature Photography Exhibition

Sarah and Alex are partners, nature-lovers and photographers. Sarah is also an artist, yoga teacher and vegan cooking guru. Alex is a creative writer and runs an organic store. Other than sitting in the sun drinking good coffee together, one of their favorite ways to connect with themselves and nature is through photography. They adore running off into the bush or frolicking along the beach snapping artistic images of natural features.

This exhibition is all about how man and nature are one and the same. You’ll notice the subjects often resemble the human body, perhaps show the effect of man on nature, or reflect on the fact that we are a part of nature, not separate from our environment. The aim of this exhibition is to encourage people to look at nature closely, maybe from a new angle or perspective. They also wish to showcase the sheer beauty of NZ nature, its patterns and details, and snippets of nature from around the world. Sarah and Alex hope this exhibition inspires and delights.

Milca Severo: Live Art

Milca Severo is a Visual Artist with a Bachelor in Architecture. Milca has had a natural talent in drawing and painting since an early age and has been working in the architecture industry for almost 10 years, but now she has committed to her full time artist career, focusing only on her true passion.

Milca’s artwork still has influence from her architecture background mixed with her strong intuitive ability. You will find in her art expressions of different spiritual experiences she’s been through in a very visionary way, exploring what is not necessarily seen in the physical realm.

Click here to see some of Milca's work  


Jadyn Flavell: Live Art

Jadyn Flavell is a Visionary artist with a very unique style. He has been developing his artistic abilities from an early age, from painting in bed with his Dad as a child to painting live at festivals, Jadyn’s style has come into its own. Born and raised in Nelson, he has now settled in Auckland and wishes to pursue his artistic career and spread positive vibes through his artwork.

Jadyn’s style can be described as being psychedelic visionary. His artwork ranges from handmade stickers to full automotive murals, commonly painted with fluorescent paints and displayed under ultraviolet light to bring an out of this world feeling to his work.  In a majority of Jadyn’s subject matter you will see a common theme of beings from transcendental realms, often possessing multiple eyes to symbolize consciousness and awareness and multiple limbs to portray an alien feel but sticking to human origins. Jadyn’s style is similar to traditional shamanic visionary art with a postmodern psychedelic twist.


Louise Taylor: Live Art

Louise Taylor is a visual and  movement artist and Tamalpa Life/Art© Process Practitioner. She trained with Tamalpa founders Anna and Daria Halprin, and G Hoffman Soto pioneers in movement based expressive arts therapy and avant garde dance, and teaches creative workshops and retreats.

Louise’s teaching and practice in creative  movement has been the major inspiration for her paintings. She teaches workshops on  releasing the mind and encouraging art that comes from the body. She practices moving energy through her body, expressing out into oil paintings, continually layering paint and “moving” the images in the painting to uncover meaning. 

“My work is about connecting with and exploring the kinaesthetic sensorial experience of ‘being’ in ones’ body and expressing that into painting. Painting for me is a dance between energy/emotion, movement, nature, colour, texture, line and the dynamic quality of paint. To sense your own body is a way to feel into my paintings. My paintings leave impressions, a movement, a touch, a feeling".

Exhibiting in New Zealand, Europe and the West coast of USA extensively since 1999, her work has been involved in exhibitions, dance and community art events to do with environmental issues, women’s health and collaborative and interactive shows.