Aerial yoga is an adaptation of Iyengar yoga (Hatha yoga that sometimes uses props for structural alignment of the posture) and Western modern life. It has evolved into a new type of yoga using a hammock that enhances traditional yoga postures by holding the body weight either partially or fully so that different postures can be attempted in a safe and fun way. All levels of experience are welcome. No previous aerial, acrobatic, or Yoga experience is necessary.

Connie is the founder of Vimana Aerial Yoga, a very unique project that fuses her love foryoga, outdoors, festivals, flying and climbing. She has been practising yoga since she was 17. She has been teaching in Auckland since 2010 and currently teaches Hatha and Aerial yoga  in Auckland. During the summer season she travels the country, teaching yoga workshops at music/art/dance/life festivals around New Zealand.

Rosa Henderson: Earthen Structures & Cultivating Community

Earthen Homes as solutions & healing: Here we will explore the advantages of Earthen Homes and how, combined with building them as a community, a new culture is created. There is magic that happens when you bring a community together with a purpose - for radical collaboration, creativity and productivity. In a temporary community we have a chance to tell our stories, teach, learn, heal and hold space for each other.


R.I.A & Kara-Leah Grant: Yoga Rhythms

YogaRhythms is not just yoga and music. It’s YogaTranceDance. 

Trance-Dance is a way of using our breath and body to step into trance through the twin vehicles of yoga and dance. It cultivates natural movement, intuition, and creativity with the intention to embody or harness our innate inner dancer.  It’s a deep letting go of all thought and a surrender into the depths of being to a sound-track of psy-dub, world electronica and bass-music.

Directed by YogaRhythms Co-founder, Dj and Yoga teacher R.I.A, and led by acclaimed writer, speaker and respected yoga teacher Kara-Leah Grant. Together they create a dynamite yoga-dance experience. 

Yoga Rhythms is; Dancing for Truth, Dancing for loved ones, Dancing for pure joy, dancing in freedom, dancing in beauty, dancing in renewal, dancing in yes! Dancing with the source, dancing the light, dancing life, Dancing for Prana, dancing for LOVE. 

 "Dancing with your higher self is part of our universal healing, and an opportunity to come back to our natural state of humanness. We invite all those coming today let go of constraints. Let go of judgements. Adapt a distinct openness and acceptance of what ever is it. What ever shows up for you. Let it be there for you and awaken your wild mysterious free spirit and flow!” - YogaRhythms

Follow The YogaRhythms Movement: 

Anne Hurst: Yoga Dance on the Open Floor

Move and Include Every Body! Yoga Dance uses fun holistic stretching and warm ups with Bartenieff fundamentals for body connectivity and easy-to-do Hatha yoga flow. We move into Open Floor Practice - we activate a lively guided dance inquiry, deepening delicious physical/emotional embodiment, exploring universal movement principles. Come dance for fun, fuller embodied self expression, joyful release, emotional intelligence, creative relating, mindfulness and spiritual awareness.


Anando Kirsch: Osho Moving Meditations

Osho meditations offer a variety of meditations for the body, mind and soul. Dynamic (catharsis - to be done early morning), Kundalini (shaking, dance and silence), Nadabrahma (humming and silence), Om (dance, Om chanting, silence), Chakra Sounds (making sounds through the chakras) and many more.

Anando Kirsch & Sandesh Heinicke have been running Osho Meditations in Auckland for a while. They also held the Osho Tent at Prana festivals a few times. They are passionate about sharing their love for Osho and enjoy doing his active meditations at home where they have a small Osho library  open for interested seekers.

Monica Evans: African Dance, Singing & Drumming

Come to jiggle, leap and shake to rocking live rhythms and experience earthy and joyful group movement. Learn a funky choreography based on a West African celebration dance, and take some sweet moves away for the dance floor later on! All ages and abilities welcome.

Monica is passionate about helping people find new ways to move, and is a firm believer that dance is for every body! She studied jazz, contemporary and capoeira dance before stumbling on African-inspired dance in a street parade in South America in 2006; since then she's studied and performed a range of African dance forms, and taught in community and educational settings through her company NIKA Dance. She also runs creative youth development programmed at Toi Ora Live Arts Trust.

Bascha Meier: Source Constellations & Light Language

Constellations bring to light a Soulscape, opening a portal to the awareness of three dimensions of consciousness. While they are described by many names in many wisdom and spiritual traditions, Bascha calls them the personal, ancestral, and spiritual constellations. Or more poetically, the drop, the wave, and the ocean.

As a potent healing modality, Constellations are a way of recognizing and clearing the imprints on the 3rd dimension and opening the portal to the field of universal love on the 4th & 5th dimensions. They support individuals and couples with real-world problems and conflicts to gain awareness of the forces that divide and attune to the natural world's desire for human life to thrive in the flow of love.  Light language transmissions will be included in this workshop.

Whatever personal or work issues we are faced with, the field reveals the hidden dynamics and familial loyalties we have that often hold us back from success, happiness and wellness in all areas of our life. Join Bascha Meier, Energy Medium and Family Constellation facilitator in this experiential introduction workshop to learn about the ‘Orders of Love’, ancestral ties, epigenetics, heart intelligence, and how to tap into the energy field to receive messages and quantum self-healing as we move from root cause to resolution.

Matiu: Stories for Everyone – Maori myths and legends

This story telling workshop will cover some well known and not so well known Māori myths. It is relevant for all ages. While stories are told, people from the audience will act out the story. We all love and need stories in our lives. Matiu has been sharing stories for nearly 20 years.

"Each time I tell them I see deeper into the messages/lessons woven into them that our ancestors left behind for us learn from."

Maggie Harper: Feldenkrais Method Class

The Feldenkrais Method is a gateway to higher states of awareness through movement and functional integration. The practice uses slow and precise movement sequences to engage your brain through your body and nervous system.

Maggie has a background in dance and acting. Alongside this she has taught dance and movement for actors and has worked as a massage therapist, and yoga teacher. Currently Maggie works as a Feldenkrais practitioner (for over 15 years) teaching classes and doing table/private sessions and also, one on one appointments. These sessions address posture, movement difficulties, breathing and stress related issues. She also practices as a counsellor (Psychosynthesis) in private practice.

This is guided movement class, where the movements are simple and done slowly, focusing on awareness of movement, sensation, and breath. This exploration improves posture, movement, and breathing as well as heightening a sense of well-being and a calm centered state. Great for gently waking up the body as a morning practice to start the day.

Jules Bright: Wild Food & Medicine of Aotearoa

Jules is a barefoot forest dweller with a huge appreciation for what we have right here in Aotearoa. She spent 10 years travelling the Planet living with many Indigenous cultures and learning with these sustainability warriors. Jules is an initiated WisdomKeeper, Pipe Carrier and Reiki Master and enjoyed 10 years of surgical nursing & ambulance work before becoming a naturopath and medical herbalist. Jules is now taking her message to the World through her natural NZ native skinfood ranges: Bright Earth & Pure NZ Skinfood, products that are 100% natural, wild-crafted and enjoy fair-trading with our sisters in the Pacific.

Journey to our sacred plants and learn of the medicine they want to share with us. We will look at foraging with 7-generation thinking, sacred connection and sustainability. Explore 5 forest plants that we can now invite into our lives, for magic and medicine on a daily basis. Jules will show you how to utilise them in beautiful and tasty ways – oils, vinegars, honeys, teas, infusions, lotions & even wine. This workshop will help us understand what is growing around us and to bring our focus back to our relationship with Aotearoa’s flora and fauna and to become one of the Voices of the Forest. 

Bring a cup and try some native teas. There will be other delicious samples to try too.

Sacha Paddy: 5Rhythms

Sacha Paddy has been dancing the 5Rhythms since 2000 and was trained to teach by Gabrielle Roth in 2008. She absolutely loves this practice and the freedom and joy, as well as the challenges, it offers to those willing to dance their own dance. Sacha teaches regular classes in Auckland and on Waiheke Island, and offers workshops in various parts of Aotearoa. She lives with her partner and daughter on beautiful Waiheke.

Sacha will guide us through the 5 Rhythms creating the opportunity to find freedom of movement, states of heightened awareness, profound healing and the inspiration for living a creative and fulfilling life.

Te Kouorehua Kereopa: The path of the peace staff

Te Huarahi o te Rakau Rangimarie

The Path of the Peace Staff encompasses simple movements that are known as open eyes prayer / meditation in action. The format begins with a prayer to honor the Divine Creator and Earth Mother (Papatuanuku). Two movements of preparation are taught to prepare the Mind, Body and Soul, and to allow the participants to relax. Following this are the graceful movements to honor the guardians of the 7 Elements of Nature; Earth - Water - Wood - Metal - Chrystal - Wind - Fire. The same prayer movements are done to close the ceremony.

Sylvia Rands: Four Elements Voice

Awaken the colours of your full human expression through sound and toning. Connect with the inner worlds of the Elemental energies, aligning your psyche and spirit to a self beyond ego. Your vocal range and the higher frequencies of healing sound open doorways to spirit and higher dimensions, allowing release of old energies and creating paths for the new. Sylvia guides you on a journey to vocal empowerment and delight through tone, movement, visualisation and a greater understanding of the gift that is your voice.

Working with the voice for over 30 years as actress, vocal coach and sound healer, Sylvia Rands has developed a vocal system that stimulates and awakens the creative centre and authentic communication. Sylvia’s work is grounded in the performing arts and its strong spiritual base gives it universal application and appeal. Influenced by Kristin Linklater, Roy Hart and the Lichtenberg Institute, Germany, Four Elements Voice offers a challenging multi-dimensional workout which creates tangible and accelerated results.



Julia Alabaster: Ecstatic Awakening Dance

Ecstatic Awakening Dance is a dance session that will take you deep into your inner self - to observe and bring to presence the energies (feelings, sensations, thoughts) that arise within you. Whatever awakens is accepted with an open heart. This is a powerful trans-formative process that as we soften and witness without judging allows our true radiant nature to shine through. As tensions and resistance are released we can experience joy, freedom and bliss. Most of the class is with the eyes closed – it is only about you! You can truly dance as if no one is watching. You can let go of the shame, the judgments about getting it right and looking good and just move to the music. There are no steps, there is no right or wrong way to move, it is about listening to your body and your heart and embracing whatever that is.

Ecstatic Dance

Ellie and Regan: The Eden Room

The Eden Room encompass 2 different workshops focused on conscious sexuality. It is a safe space and brought to you by 2 presenters: (Runs for 2 hours. See festival schedule)

Female Anatomy of Arousal - Ellie Wilde

A presentation about the anatomy of arousal for those of us in female bodies. An opportunity to ask questions and learn about the arousal system in a woman's body. It will be a fun and informal discussion with an educational component which reveals information not written in medical journals. This talk is open to those in both male and female bodies.

Conscious Connection  Ellie Wilde and Regan Pryor

This is a fun interactive workshop where people are invited to explore different aspects of connection through communication and energetic play. We engage in playful exercises which bring focus into habitual patterns of relating. We experiment with 'I' statements, with how 'yes' and 'no' feel in the body, experiment with our energetic fields of presence and feeling our healthy boundaries. We aim to give new insights into how our mode of connecting creates our experience of the world. 


Gareth Edwards: Laughter Yoga

G-Love is the name Gareth Edwards got when he trained in Laughter Yoga. He is a singer-songwriter, psychologist, writer and laughing yogi. He regularly tours Aotearoa performing at festivals, conferences, and mental health services. Born and bred in Manchester, he now lives with his family on a Permaculture farm near Raglan.

Welcome to Play Time; a mix of laughter yoga combined with song to create a beautiful, playful experience for all ages. It allows people to enjoy the freedom laughter yoga facilitates and express this in sing-along silly songs and dance. Do you know where your inner child is? Do you remember where you put your funny bone? Would you like to laugh and play like a child? Join G-Love as he rings the school bell on normality and opens the door...for PlayTime!

Roberto Zotti: Slackline Yoga

Brazilian-born Robert Zotti is an experienced slackliner and teacher. He began studying yoga over 5 years ago before receiving training in kaleidoscope yoga in San Francisco earlier this year. He met his partner Natalie Thomas, a Yoga teacher at Prana festivals. With the birth of their son Caio Fenix also came the birth of the community yoga project Mosaico Yoga. “Our vision is to make yoga a community and family friendly practice with the emphasis on supporting one another, discovering our inner selves and accepting ourselves in our lives wherever we are at and having fun in groups out in nature!”

The workshop leads participants through a kaleidoscope yoga session. A group yoga style with changing mandalas and patterns which creates harmony and connection between one another in the group. This also warms up the body and gets the mind focussed and ready for slacklining. Slacklining is great for balance and one-pointedness of mind and becoming aware of your own mind-body connection. We finish off with a grounding yoga circle.