Yan Agate: Capoeira

Yan has been a driving force for Capoeira Angola in New Zealand for many years. Teaching regularly at the Capoeira Centre in Auckland and over the years spending extended periods in Brazil training and learning with some of the great masters of this tradition. Yan embraces the wide variety of artistic avenues that the world of Capoeira opens, including traditional instrument making, percussion, samba music, Portuguese language, and community based cultural learning and celebration.

Capoeira (Kapo - way - ra with a rolled 'r') is a game that developed in Brazil during the years of colonialism and slavery. In a circle of capoeira practitioners, charged with percussion and song, two players out-move each other, they flow over and around each other weaving kicks and other attacks in constant dance-like motion. They tease and taunt each other and frustrate each others tricks. They joke and jibe with theatrics but are always on the lookout for that sudden attack.



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