Nicola Chung: Dance Your Body's Way

Nicola has been practicing Nia for over 4 years. Originally attracted to Nia through its mindful, playful and joyous aspects. Nicola has learned self-love, joyful living and a new found respect of the body from this practice which she can’t wait to share and play with. The dance encourages profound understandings of how we live our lives and how we can empower ourselves to move in other directions.

Participants will be encouraged to "play", "try something new" and "explore" through free-dance movement, to achieve a deeper understanding of their life patterns through connection of the body, mind and spirit.

The free-dance workshop will be guided by the Nia principal of Your Body's Way - a way that encourages participants to become attuned to their body's needs and wants through communication via the sensations in the body. This will ensure a safe movement experience for all participants and makes it accessible to every body, regardless of the condition of their body.

Earth-Beat Festival New Zealand

Earth-Beat Festival New Zealand, 14 Mills Lane, Albany, Auckland, 0632

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