John Allan: The Abundant Gardener

This workshop will cover aspects of permaculture, bio-dynamics, organics, herbal medicinal and intuitive gardening, told from first-hand practical and theoretical experience. We will cover composting and waste minimization (waste = food). Challenge your ideas around weeds and delve deep into the energetics of gardening.


Sarah Beale & Xinia Alderson: Ashtanga Vinyasa

Heart Opening & Backbending

A yoga workshop led by Sarah Beale and Xinia Alderson, based on the Ashtanga yoga series but modified to suit beginners and to target the heart chakra, warming up, gently opening through the front of the body and moving into backbending. Gain tools to help you open your heart, be vulnerable and increase compassion, whilst increasing back strength and suppleness.


Nils Pokel: Make a bamboo didgeridoo

Make a bamboo didgeridoo…and learn how to play it!

This hands-on, all-ages workshop will take about 25 participants through building a bamboo didgeridoo, from choosing the right didge through to making a custom mouthpiece from natural beeswax.

Once we all have a nice didge ready to go we'll go through the basics of playing, learning to create our first sounds, playing overtones, and adding some 'special effects' . Time and skills permitting we will also practise circular breathing and get everyone on their way to becoming an amazing didge player.

All materials are provided for 25 didges. Feel free to bring your own didge to the second part of the workshop if you just want some tips on your playing.

Premratna Sarah Spence: Dream Symbology

The Dream Yoga 8-step method is a practical way of working with your dreams using your own wisdom rather than that of a book someone else wrote. This method was documented by Swami Sivananda Radha, the first Western woman to be intiated into Yoga's Sannyas tradition.

"Use dreams as a method to unlocking intuition by working with symbols on a personal level. Become aware of your unconscious through the narrative and metaphors of your dreams and how that applies to your waking life."

Edna Levy: Bodylight Movement

The Bodylight method weaves the wisdom of Yoga, Pilates and Qigong into one flowing fusion.

In this workshop we teach the fundamental principles of Bodylight. We explore the concepts learned through movement and breath. We make a stronger connection between mind and body and we awaken our sense of center. This workshop offers a simple, yet powerful set of flowing exercises which participants can then take with them and practice. Breathing, centering, mindful-movement, core-control, ease and grace of movement, energy management and flow are some of the principles and benefits you'll gain through this introduction into the Bodylight method.

Olga Romadanova: Blindfolded Dancing

This workshop is a beautiful experience of dancing blindfolded with white ribbon blindfolds to music. It consists of two parts; Solo Blindfolded Dancing and Partner Dancing. Solo Blindfolded Dancing helps you connect with your inner guidance system, remove mental barriers restricting your creative nature, erase conditional thinking, open up, connect with your inner child, and become more sensitive to the vibration nature of this universe. Partner Dancing helps you listen through the physical connection to your partner, what they are asking you to do, and whether they are prepared for your next movement. It benefits leaders by making sure that they are using their body to indicate a direction for the follower, and it benefits followers by ensuring that they don’t get ahead of the lead.

Andrea Graham: Kombucha & Culture

If you love drinking Kombucha and are curious how to make it, come along for a Kombucha creation demonstration. There will also be some other starters and cultures for you to see.

Learn how to make Kombucha from start to finish. You will be provided with the basic recipe and will have small samples to taste.


Giselle Martins: Qigong − Life Force Energy

Developing life force energy (Qi/Chi) is the focus of Taoism, China's original philosophy. The Taoists are the same people who brought acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, bone setting, and the yin/yang concept to the world.

When we practice and learn a qigong exercise movement, there are both external movements that are repeated a number of times, often stretching the body, increasing fluid movement, building awareness of how the body moves through space and also there are the internal movements or flows which in China are called Qi (Chi) or "internal power".

This workshop primarily looks at developing sensitivity to Qi/Chi (life force energy) by coming into greater awareness of our physical and energetic body through a flow of circles and spiral movements, and how they influence our mind and spirit, activating the flow of energy and strengthening each of the meridians and organs in our body, in preparation for connecting to the energy of heaven above and earth below.

Qigong also serves as a spiritual bridge to meditation, makes the body healthier, the emotions calmer, the mind more clear and balanced. As we learn to access deeper levels we will work with the most subtle and powerful forces within ourselves!


Maya Nova: Mindfulness In The Service of Awakening

These are difficult times - do we contract into fear and self protection or expand into loving awareness that is our true inheritance?

This workshop will look at the ancient Buddhist practice of the seven factors of awakening and the part that mindfulness plays in the great unfolding and maintenance of our personal sanity, trust, courage and well-being. Whether you want to save the world or look after yourself or enhance your relationships, there is one major hurdle you have to overcome – your self. This workshop will look into some ancient ideas from the early Buddhist text called Satipanna Sutra and the practice of the Seven Factors of Awakeining (bojhanga).


Talia Brand: Tuning Into Your Voice

Your Voice is the Acoustic Fingerprint of your Soul.

This workshop is dedicated to the Voice inside You. The speaking/singing heart is an open, fearless, resonant voice that emerges when we allow our true authentic sound to express itself. In this time many people are feeling called to 'find their voice' in its most authentic expression.

This workshop will explore chant, bodywork, breath, movement, song, group-work and exercises to unleash and uncover the acoustic fingerprint of your Soul. Coming back to your Inner Child, your Inner knowing where once you expressed freely without the constraints and judgements of yourself and others.

No vocal experience is needed as this workshop is based around free sound and expression for you to trust and remember your own unique fingerprint, helping you to be fully embodied in your sound.


Jessica Holdaway: Capturing Stones

This is a hands-on creative session where you can learn to make a macrame net to capture a stone or item. Participants will leave with increased confidence in their own creative potential, the skills to capture any stone/item in a macrame net, AND a beautiful piece of jewellery! The ability to make & create is within us all, and one of the most satisfying activities in my life....I would love to share this with you. Please bring a stone or crystal, and a gold coin for the cord.

Natalie Thomas: Kaleidoscope Yoga

Kaleidoscope Yoga is a community style of Yoga developed in California by Lo Nathamundi. A group experience of moving through yoga asana/postures by creating different shapes altogether and in smaller clusters and pairs. Practicing mindfulness and connection, learning to communicate with one another beyond words, to trust and heal, and where we can play together in a fun and safe environment. Exploring ourselves as the individual and simultaneously as the collective.

Emma Bickley: Being Woman Circle

Being Woman Circle honors you as a woman with your own voice of wisdom. We gather to share, to heal, to celebrate, to remember what is important to us. Having a woman’s body means living with the ebbs and flows of hormonal life, different and similar for us all. We are often told how to look, feel and think and this can confuse our natural instincts. In the circle, each woman is invited to truly share of herself in a natural way, without pretense or artifice. We do not tell each other how to be woman, but share of who we are in our own way. Together we open our voices in sacred song and honest sharing, strengthening our love, wisdom and truth.


Donna Tuari: The Art of Capoeira

This workshop will consist of a short Capoeira demonstration by 6 to 7 members of the group. We will then learn together some basic Capoeira movements incorporating music and rhythm. The workshop/presentation will end with a Roda (an enclosed circle that we play Capoeira in). The Roda will require audience participation and involvement.

Cathy Livermore: Wai Ahua Workshop & Presentation

Cathy is a Māori dance artist working within indigenous kaupapas and the arts in NZ and internationally. She is also a Priestess of IO and a Tohunga Taputapu. This is a movement workshop based in Te Ao Māori philosophy which offers transformational healing through movement based practices reflecting a Māori worldview.

Radha Ive Keva: Hridaya Hatha Yoga & Meditation

This workshop is an introduction to the teachings of Hridaya Yoga in its meditative approach to classical Hatha yoga. It is an opportunity to practice together, as well as a chance to learn the Meditation for the Revelation of the Spiritual Heart, our true nature, based on the Advaita vedanta (non-dual) tradition. This practice allows a profound immersion and understanding of our True Self, as well as a direct experience of the beauty of the Heart as a center of Consciousness.


Sally Cook: Move to the Beat of Your Body

So often we are constrained in how we move; by customs, environment, tradition, the beat of the music, who we are with, what is considered ‘appropriate’ and so much more. . .

Imagine how freeing it could be to know that we can move freely within any form and how we can actually use form to find freedom.

In this workshop we will briefly explore the 3 Dance Arts, 3 Martial Arts and 3 Healing Arts which make up the work of Nia, and we will incorporate these into a classic Nia class.

‘Everything we need is already inside us, just waiting to be moved. We come to dance!’

Wade Jackson: Transformative Play

This workshop will cover the principles of the art of improvisation. It will be interactive, fun and dynamic with a lot of laughter and learning. Wade will show people how to improve the spontaneity in their life, be more present with others and use the principles of improvised comedy to let go of the past and step into the now. Participants will experience how to connect more deeply and develop resilience, all while having an exhilarating time.



Jeremy Cloake: N'goni − The West African Rhythm Harp

An Introduction to the N'goni, the West African rhythm harp. Starting in West Africa, Jeremy gives the cultural background to this instrument, how they are made, played and tuned. This is interwoven with stories and live demonstration of various techniques and rhythms. People are invited to try playing and guidance is given.