Natalie Thomas: Kaleidoscope Yoga

Kaleidoscope Yoga is a community style of Yoga developed in California by Lo Nathamundi. A group experience of moving through yoga asana/postures by creating different shapes altogether and in smaller clusters and pairs. Practicing mindfulness and connection, learning to communicate with one another beyond words, to trust and heal, and where we can play together in a fun and safe environment. Exploring ourselves as the individual and simultaneously as the collective.

Earth-Beat Festival New Zealand

Earth-Beat Festival New Zealand, 14 Mills Lane, Albany, Auckland, 0632

Earth-Beat Aotearoa is a not-for-profit organization supported by a growing community of spirited individuals. Our purpose is to provide a platform for presence, transformation and celebration that will inspire and empower new ways of living. Through hosting transformational, co-creative events, we aim to nuture and nourish our community on our journey together. 

We envision a world where life is not only sustainable but regenerative; a world where we focus on potential rather than problems, where individual contributions are aligned with the greater good, and where we live in harmony with the natural rhythms of our bodies and the Earth.