ProvoKaTalk: Speakers Series

6 inspirational speakers talk for 15 minutes each about new ways of living and their passion and involvement in organizations that are changing the world. This format keeps presentations concise, fast-paced, and engaging. 

Mike Hannah - Stormwater360 - between sky and sea - Stormwater guru, Mike Hannah talks about stormwater and the way this impacts on our environment, and what we can do to help protect and enhance our precious waterways.

Lisa ER - The Awareness Party - alternative political and economic systems

Rosa Henderson - Sculptured Earth - exploration of creating a home inside a living building

Yariv Edery - Sun Power - smarter and more efficient energy systems

Leo Murray - The Sustainability of Finance: applying permaculture principles to everyday economics

Peter Bankers - Our Drinking Waters

Niki Harré: The Infinite Game

This interactive talk will explore what people value most deeply. You will get a chance to think about your values and compare them with those of 1,000 other people who participated in a research project on this topic. You may be in for a surprise. Niki will also discuss the power of shared values for inspiring action for the common good.

Dana Louise: Stretch & Strengthen the Psoas

Join Dana on an epic journey of understanding the psoas, a deep-seated core muscle connecting the lumbar vertebrae to the femur. A 75 minute yoga based session that will help you to understand these beautiful muscles and how they can free our body and mind from fight/flight response.  These muscles are the number one cause of bad alignment and tight hamstrings.  We will complete with a powerful pranayama practice and meditation of the heart.  Wear suitable yoga clothing, bring your mat and a yoga block if you have one! 

Dana teaches at Ashram Yoga.



Annwyn Hanham & Raeul Pierard: Golden Age Children

A lively, fun exploration into the bigger picture around 'The Golden Age Children' often referred to as Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow Children and more.

Earth is undergoing enormous changes and all who dwell here can choose change by default or by consciously and excitedly engaging with the unlimited potentials this change offers. 

Annwyn Hanham and Raeul Pierard are Golden Age Mentors whose combined Energies are utilized by Spirit at crucial times in the evolution of planets. Diverse in their  backgrounds, they join their gifts and frequencies into facilitating powerful and transformative events. Annwyn is a visionary writer and speaker, who, along with Raeul, uses Sacred Voice to heal and/or to activate stored codes in humans and land. Raeul, an accomplished cellist, takes people  to higher levels of perception through his music, opening them to other realities and potentials.

Both are dedicated to assisting Hu-manity through the current leap in consciousness. Their approach is heart-centred, with the belief that Love is the most powerful yet least understood Energy on this planet. A goal is to help others experience and embody unconditional divine love as their premise for life!

Doug Kerrisk: Initiation - Apprentice to the Lightning Flash

In this presentation Doug will be facilitating an open discussion and conversation around the questions of Initiation, Transformation, and Divine Grace.

  • What is the purpose of initiation and the dynamics of the lightning flash ?
  • Transformation of the soul and the anatomy of the Body of Light ?
  • Who is that transcendent Being, the Great Initiator, the Sovereign Sun of the great mystery religions of the world ?
  • What is the role of Grace in the evolution of consciousness ?
  • Ritual and ceremony in the invocation of Divine Power.

Kerry Castell-Spence: Spiraling Through The Body

How do you bring the energy of the earth into your body to make it move? Following on from a centering and grounding practice, we will explore how to bring the ground into your body to connect to a whole body movement experience. Within this class you will learn some practical techniques and a simple practice to help you feel spiraling movements through your body and how to move in a connected, integrated way. This workshop will be of interest to those who are looking to find or deepen their connection to their centre and who are interested in what it means to be grounded and want to move from and with the earth – in yoga, movement, martial arts, or meditation practices.


Kerry Castell-Spence: Centring & Grounding with Qigong

When you lose your centre, you lose your balance. When you lose a sense of the ground, you can lose sight of where you really are. Connecting to your centre and the ground allows you to move through life with ease, as you understand and work with your strengths and weaknesses. These principles apply to yoga, qigong, movement or meditation practices. Within this class you will learn some practical techniques and a simple practice to help you feel your centre and the ground, and give you a feeling of when you lose it. This workshop will be of interest to those who are looking to find, or deepen their connection to their centre and who are interested in what it means to be grounded – in yoga, movement, martial arts, or meditation practices.

Josie Gritten: The Moon in Our Blood – A Workshop on Womens Cycles

I am a mother of three lively children; a photographer, sometimes writer, birth support worker and rediscovered of the ancient ways. I am passionate about questioning, teaching and empowering women to search for a different path. To reclaim lost knowledge and relearn the Power of our bodies and our souls.

This workshop provides a space to reflect, to share and to learn from each other. We will talk about patterns in our cycles, societal attitudes to menstruation, stages and changes in our lives, alternatives to disposable sanitary products, and we’ll see wherever else the discussion will lead us!

Lisa Er: The Awareness Party

The Awareness Party presents comprehensive, alternative political and economic systems that are different in fundamental ways from the failed systems of the past, and capable of triggering superior social, economic, and ecological outcomes.

In order to remove barriers that stop us from working together for a positive future, we need to cease using terms like 'left wing' or 'right wing' and replace them with a willingness to co-operate and create an holistic and humanitarian society, regardless of previous stances. Bottom-up strategies can work to check monopolistic corporate power, democratize wealth, and empower communities.

We welcome researchers, theorists and activists, to assist with refining the application of our new systems, using the best research, understanding and strategic thinking, and for on-the-ground organizing and development.

We need to ensure that we create an egalitarian, humanitarian, and environmentally friendly place for all.

Asho Gevorgyan: Calligraphy Yoga

Calligraphy yoga incorporates powerful principles of Tai Chi, Qi gong, Chinese Calligraphy practice and Yoga from Indian and Taoist influences to create a flowing practice of circular natural moments. It works heavily on freeing up the spine,joints,meridians and energy flow within the body, thus promoting blood,mental/nervous and digestive circulation.

The practice brings body's Yin and Yang energy in to balance, creating feeling of peace and happiness that comes within.Practice is strengthening,grounding and relaxing at the same time.


Phillippa Beagley: Composting Basics

This workshop will offer an introduction to the three basic composting systems that can be used in the home and garden: traditional composting bins, worm farms and Bokashi buckets.

The message is to reduce unnecessary waste that ends up in landfill.  Participants will be eligible for a $40.00 discount on the system that suits them best!

Leo Murray: Transformational Festivals Forum

Transformational Festivals as a Catalyst for Positive Change

In this interview discussion, Leo Murray (aka Dj Mufasa) invites a panel of event organizers on stage to share their views on how festivals can bring about positive transformational change. Transformational alludes both to personal transformation as well as the transformation of culture towards value systems that celebrate community, sustainability, healthy living, and creative expression. This discussion will be attended by several festival co-creators. 

Beverley Iffla: Sacred Sounds, Ancient Voices

A heart-awakening experience like no other, Beverley Iffla presents an opportunity to connect more deeply with your divine self, your truth and Mother Earth. The vibrations of the crystal bowls draw you into a state of pure relaxation, meditation and bliss. Spend time absorbing the benefits of unique sound healing, releasing energy blocks in your physical mental and emotional self. Sound is widely known as a catalyst for change and Sacred Sound Ancient Voices participants often marvel at how profound moments of clarity, enlightenment and sense of calm and well-being long after the sound healing session is over. Join Bev for an extraordinary experience that will relax your mind and awaken your heart.

Keith J Mason: Your Chakra Matrix System

This interactive and participatory workshop introduces each person to their Chakra Matrix System in a profound and undeniable way. Working with a partner, each person accesses their Soul wisdom through their body's intelligence using a simple supplied tool / process.
Depending on time, we will also work with that intelligence in specific areas of life, both future and past.
This practice is empowering, hugely engaging and everyone normally goes away with a tool for life and a profound connection with their body.

Sucinno Vermeltfoort: Leaving It Behind

What are some of the skills needed in this time of rapid and unpredictable change in so many areas: climate, national boundaries, refugees, jobs and money? How can we easily move and yet still be in touch with the Earth? What seeds can we plant, the physical, emotional social and spiritual seeds that will grow into a cool forest? Sucinno combines his 22 years as a Buddhist monk with 10 years of Permaculture experience to explore this vital topic.


Rata Gordon: Poetry Play

Participants of this workshop will have the opportunity to explore creative techniques as entry points into their own "poet's mind". In a fun fusion of writing, theater, visual arts and movement activities, we will practice leaping into creative flow, and keeping on swimming. We will also take a look at poetic forms and techniques and practice the art of finishing a poem. Participants will have the opportunity to share their work in a fun and relaxed environment.

Leo Murray: The Sustainability of Finance

Applying Permaculture Principles to Everyday Economics

Seeing our everyday exchanges and transactions through the invisible structures of permaculture, alternative models for finance begin to emerge. Seeking a better understanding of the elements of value which unite us, as well as separate us as human beings, the 8 forms of capital and their various forms of expression will be presented and discussed.


Kimberley Pipe: Raise Your Life Energy Using Muscle Testing

Based on the concept of internal energy fundamental to traditional Chinese medicine, muscle testing is a non-invasive way of evaluating the body’s imbalances and assessing its needs. In this workshop we will use muscle testing – the tool used in Kinesiology - to test the foods in your diet and allow your body to communicate to you, giving information about what is lowering and raising your energy. Use muscle testing to test affirmations, life goals, check and correct your will to be well and test the body’s responses to herbs and other remedies. Learn to use your Thymus gland energy, which controls the life energy of the body, to problem solve and the vibration of Love to clear any imbalances in the body. Allow yourself to follow your energy on a day-to-day basis and get the most out of your time. Please bring a pen and paper to the session.

Tim Seutter: Unleash the Fire Within

An introduction to yoga that cultivates power and attention to our bodies. It's about breath, strength, awareness and then integrating all of this into a yoga practice that will take everyone to a level they haven't achieved before. We will be joined by a live musician as we co-create an awesome, audio and physical experience taking attendees to a new level.

Mateo Nesta: Bo Staff Workshop

In this workshop we will learn how to use a staff, how to protect and defend yourself, dance and flow with a new extension of your body. From basics fire staff tricks to Shaolin techniques and Body Contact knowledge, from beginner level to advanced. With joy and passion, blindfolded or all-seeing, we are here to have fun and rediscover our innate skills.