Anirvan Deva

Anirvan was lucky enough to grow up in a time when the world was full of rhythm and that affected his very being. He has always been in close contact with all kinds of music and this passion then became a lifestyle. At 16 he started playing British new wave, ska and punk records at friend's parties, then in a few local clubs. In 1991 he went to Ibiza to check this new thing called House music, and this changed his way of perceiving music and further influenced him. In 1992 he started playing Techno, and for more than 10 years he has been playing around Italy at rave and warehouse parties mainly techno, jungle and drum & bass.  

"Nowadays rather than give limiting names to the genres I play, I describe my music through textures, and colours. My philosophy is that the genre distinctions themselves are not important, the emotional content of the music is. Experimentation and sound research have always been key points of growth in art and music for me."

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