On any given day, the name J.Zealous means many things, to many people, in many ways. In light, it illuminates the path leading beyond creativity, toward the hope that music will one day contribute to an end of all suffering. When life appears dark, it evolves from an ever-shifting shape of an inquisitive soul, sculpted by rhythmic magnitudes rebounding off their own vibrational frequencies.

J.Zealous is the Yin to its own Yang. An audibly blended mix of meditation taking place outside of space and time. Immersed within the deep spirit of Earthly sounds offered as Taonga, both for and from the life of Papatūānuku.

Discovery of the now becomes part of the mystery in which J.Zealous finds its hidden equilibrium. It is to dance wildly, it is to sing triumphantly, it is to ecstatically leap alongside an idea headlong into a meaningful abyss, not to land safely, but to explore this cortex of unknown thought which emerges via a vortex of unimaginable dreams. ‘There are no mistakes in tomorrow.’ - J.Zealous



Herman Saiz