Libby La Poet x Eldad Arad


Libby La Poet x Eldad Arad is a Brooklyn-based performance act blending poetry with live instrumentation and electronic music. A unique musical fusion of ambient groove, hip hop, electronic, and funk complements spoken word vocals. Created by looping bass, synthesizer, drum machine, and handheld instruments such as kalimba, xylophone, and shakers, the music blends classical instruments with experimental electronic sounds. Libby’s poetry explores reinstating synchronicity between human life and the natural world, uncovering authenticity in mind and body, and seeks to transport listeners to make contact with the heart center. Rhythm, rhyme, wordplay and experimentation with sound-making weave their way through her poetry. In other projects, Eldad plays bass for the Brooklyn-based hip hop/jazz band, Sibling, and Libby performs her poetry in combination with live dance. Most recently the duo created musical poetry together for Homeland/Heartland/Dreamland, an interdisciplinary performance project fusing poetry, music, dance and book arts, as part of a grant with The Brooklyn Arts Council.


Herman Saiz