Makeshift Movements

Makeshift Movements


Makeshift Movements is an eight piece Roots/Dub/D&B/Hip Hop group based in Tauranga. They draw on a wide range of influences and assemble for weekly collaborations high in the Whakamarama hills, away from the stresses and distractions of the city. After a couple of years working with samples and crafting beats in a makeshift home studio, they assembled a group of eclectic musicians to develop the compositions and prepare them for a live setting. The combination of eight unique and talented individuals from varied musical backgrounds makes for a colourful performance with infectious grooves that are sure to get the feet moving.

The songs are thoughtfully crafted with the intention of taking the audience (and performers) on a musical journey. Improvised jam sections are not uncommon. A range of instruments are employed to provide the right musical landscape, from the simplicity of an acoustic guitar and bongo drums, to effect drenched synths and digital breaks, while maintaining a conscious approach to lyrical content that encapsulates life in modern­ day Aotearoa.


Señor Chancho

Carlos Riegelhaupt