holistic and
integrative health

The Earth-Beat healers' circle of holistic and integrative health practitioners will present participants with a chance experience a variety of leading edge modalities on offer. The healers circle allows participants a space to tune in, find centre and re-align.

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James Crompton

Jivana Quantum Healing

James was brought up on mindfulness from the age of 4. In his early 20’s he learnt the Ishaya's Ascension and Hatha Yoga and spent a year at the Ascension community in North Carolina.

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After that he learnt Reiki, Reiki Tummo, a form of Transcendental Meditation, Qigong and Reconnective Healing, along with many other modalities from movement meditations to colour therapy and sound therapy to Ho'oponopono.

Jivana Quantum Healing
He combines all this experience in what he calls Jivana Quantum Healing. Jivana was the name he was given by The Ishayas meaning "The Enlivener" or "The Vivifier". The quantum aspect involves bringing light and information from The Field.

Every session is different and unique to the multidimensional individual that you are. It is not a diagnostic tool. It is a holistic framework that restores your connection to Source. It gives you what you need. The healing itself is beyond space and time, and the energies keep on working on you well after a session. It is best not to hold steadfast on to an expectation of what you want as that can sometimes limit the expression of the energy when what could be available is something much, much more beyond our scope even to conceive.


Paul Cohen

Bone Yoga

Paul is an experienced, sensitive and innovative bodyworker and teacher. He has been using touch based therapies for over 30 years and uses his insights and knowledge of the body system, optimal organ functioning, yoga, skeletal relationships and energy pathways to bring health and healing to the body mind system.

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Bone Yoga

Bone Yoga is a simple and profound addition to the world of yoga. It focuses on releasing tensions at the bone level and slow easeful functioning of our skeletal system. The Bone Yoga Sequence provides a daily practice for exploring and supporting smooth movement and releasing old patterns.

Particular attention is placed on the engagement of the ligaments as we move our joints. This helps us become more present, more relaxed, and supports the release of physical and emotional tensions. Bone Yoga is gentle, restorative and intriguing for beginners as well as those who have been practicing for years and will enhance your yoga practice.

Bone Yoga “Yoga from the Inside Out” “Making the profound simple and the simple profound”

Immerse yourself exploring Bone Yoga meditation, a meditation focusing on our skeletal system Yoga in relationship to your bones The free easeful movement of your skeleton The internal relationship of mind, breath and movement The range of motion of our joints. The voluntary range and the gentle engagement of the fascial connection. Learn the whole Bone Yoga sequence, a simple, adaptable, achievable yoga enquiry

Bone Yoga Bodywork

The principles of Bone Yoga are carried into the Bone Yoga Bodywork to support others with embodying new easeful ways of being.

Bone Yoga Bodywork uses skilled therapeutic touch to engage the whole person, offering a unique bodywork therapy interwoven with the benefits of Bone Yoga.

The quality of touch used in Bone Yoga Bodywork is safe, respectful and adaptable.

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Sandra Wickham

Energy Healing

Sandra is an intuitive healer who works with different modalities to help people unlock blockages in their lives in order for them to walk a happier, freer, more fulfilled, purposed life.

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She is a wisdom teacher and is experienced in many shamanic practises. Each healing session is as individual as the person coming for an appointment. There is no "one size fits all" and Sandra's ability to tap into each individuals "story" helps unlock past life and/or generational entrapments. Her words of wisdom and healing come with love, compassion and empathy. Light language, crystals, orgon pyramids, sage, yerba sante, sound baths, are part of the tools she utilises in a healing session. Sandra has a passion to help people move forward in their spiritual evolution and her healing energy is one way she helps them to do so.

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Shai Brod

Thai Yoga Massage / Didgeridoo Healing:

Thai Yoga Massage:
While travelling through Thailand 8 years ago Shai discovered this particular technique which combines the energetic alignment of Thai Massage with the awakening postures of Yoga. After experiencing the profound effects of this combination he is passionate to pass this amazingness on.

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Didgeridoo Healing:

Shai has been playing the didgeridoo for the past 18 years. When first introduced to the instrument it was as more of a healing tool and less of a musical instrument, although amazing music can be created with it too. With love Shai shares this healing and story from the land of Australia and the Aboriginal people.

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Leigh Ross - Lavanya

Integrated Vibrational Healing

Leigh has been facilitating healings for over 25 years.Originally from Auckland, Leigh was raised in the Bay of Islands and in her early 20’s after a series of huge spiritual awakenings and experiences, was lead to travel through America, England, Canada, and Brasil; working with people, animals and the land.

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Being led to different countries for around 20 years, Leigh fine-tuned her abilities and experienced many wonderful healing experiences with her clients.

The form of healing, she calls Integrated Vibrational Healing, was developed over the years with intuitive guidance. This form of healing is non-invasive, peaceful but quietly powerful. It brings in high frequency energies which work from the outer energetic bodies through to the physical, meaning it can take a week to feel the effects physically of the healing session. Sensitive people are able to feel the energy shifts straight away. Integrated Vibrational healing works on every system in the body, as well as every subtle energy body, so no matter what the condition or imbalance, this form of healing is able to support the body in total balance.

Leigh is often guided with information to pass on that may help to bring about balance and healing in many varied ways. With full intention to assist and support anyone in need of healing energies, Leigh is fully committed to her purpose in assisting in the raising of consciousness for all.

Leigh works under the name of ‘Lavanya’ which is the Sanskrit word for inner beauty.

“Providing service and products that allow one’s Inner beauty to shine through is my greatest Joy” ~ Leigh

Jackie Segers

Jackie Segers

Reflexology / Reiki Heart Attunement

Jackie Segers is a certified reflexologist based in Auckland, specialising in intuitive healing through the face, feet, hands and outer ears. She is also a Reiki Master/Teacher.  She has been practicing reflexology and other natural therapies for more than 20 years. Jackie teaches healing workshops for people and animals in New Zealand and abroad. 

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Reflexology is a modality that works with a complete map of the body on the face, ears and feet. Releasing stress and tension in the body (musculoskeletal) and internal imbalances ( including digestive, reproductive/hormonal, stress headaches etc).


Reiki is a Japanese form of energy work to promote relaxation and healing for body, mind, emotions and karmic (soul) patterns.

Jackie will be offering Reiki Heart Attunements : A heart attunement is the first attunement of the series of four traditional attunements which are given at first degree Reiki. An attunement opens up and fine tunes the energy centres in the body. It is a healing attunement that does not initiate the person into Reiki; the heart attunement is like an energy boost and can revitalise your energy field and body. A heart attunement can be used to experience what Reiki is like to give and may last up to a few days.

Reflexology for Cats-and other natural therapies for your feline companion: Book $40

Paw Map Charts $20



Rongoā incorporating Mirimiri

Tracey-Leighis based in Tāmaki Makaurau and has been studying and teaching this ancient art of healing for 11years. Her passion is working and empowering Wāhine to stand in their truth, to clear DNA lines and to uphold and celebrate the Mana of the Divine Feminine.

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Tracey-Leigh’s practice of Traditional Māori Healing embodies the clearing and tracing of whakapapa lines using the nurturing essences of the Divine Feminine.


Her modality is Rongoā incorporating Mirimiri to guide and connect to the energetic spiritual realms, Romiromi – activating and releasing the cellular memory within the physical body and Takutaku – ancient incantations that assist in the movement and release of old energies.

“I have a huge appreciation being part of the Earthbeat Whānau and the opportunity to take my mahi home to the Kaipara. This is an exciting and emotional journey reconnecting with my ancestors and the beautiful whenua there - I can’t wait to see the magic unfold’.

Tracey-Leigh is of Ngāti Whātua o Kaipara, Te Rarawa, Tūwharetoa and Waikato descent and most importantly Mama to her son Manaia.

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Therese Hogan

Chi Nei Tsang / Craniosacral Therapy / Emotional Release & Balance

With a background in physiotherapy, yoga, mindfulness meditation and massage therapy and 18 years of experience, Therese offers primarily craniosacral therapy and chi nei tsang abdominal energy detox massage. In combination this is a deep emotional release and re-balancing treatment.

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Chi Nei Tsang (Abdominal Energy Detox Massage)
From the Thai tradition, with roots in Taoism, this massage combines deep touch, breath and vocalisation to activate internal organs and energy meridians. It is a powerful cleansing on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This is a relatively active therapy and can push the boundaries of comfort at times, but it often leaves you in a state of expansion and elation! Suitable for abdominal and pelvic conditions and emotional release. A more gentle and equally as effective option is available in times of detox, illness or recovery.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
Craniosacral therapy uses light touch to tune into the rhythms of the central nervous system. In this biodynamic approach you can relax into a safe space where your body is given the opportunity to re-attune to a state of balance and harmony in accordance with the innate wisdom of your being. You may experience deep relaxation and awareness of movements in fluids and tissues, heat, tingling, emotional release and energy movement. This is beneficial for many conditions including headaches, spinal pain, nerve disorders, psychological or emotional issues and times of change and evolution.

Emotional Release & Balance
This is a tailored combination of bodywork to assist awareness and release of emotions. A safe space is created in which you can relax, open and listen deeply to yourself. We allow for the intuition of your body/mind to guide the session. Typically it will involve a combination of abdominal chi detox massage (chi nei tsang) and craniosacral balancing, with deep tissue or relaxation massage depending on your current needs. This session may also include talking, sound/voice therapy, movement and breathing practices.


Benjamin Thomas Smith

Spiritual Astrology 

Benjamin Thomas Smith has been an astrologer for 31 years....and he is still a beginner at learning to understand the deeper mysteries of the Cosmos."

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Spiritual Astrology

Spiritual Astrology is a chance to understand your life's deeper purpose through an in-depth reading of your horoscope. This will provide a map of the aura blueprint which you chose on incarnating at a particular time and place, which is described by the position of the planets against the cosmic sky.

An astrology reading will help your journey into self-awareness, which will enhance your career, relationships and deeper sense of purpose. is a chance to understand your life's deeper purpose through an in-depth reading of your horoscope. This will provide a map of the aura blueprint which you chose on incarnating at a particular time and place, which is described by the position of the planets against the cosmic sky.

An astrology reading will help your journey into self-awareness, which will enhance your career, relationships and deeper sense of purpose.