Jamala Smyth: Humming and Drumming for Kids

This workshop is designed to give children of all ages a chance to get up close and personal with drumming and humming. A chance to express through music based on beats and sounds in a relaxed and encouraging environment that stimulates expression of their natural playful creativity and rhythm. A chance to build awareness of rhythm and of each-other... to play with disharmony and harmony both...feeling into what each feels like and of what we choose to create together. A chance to learn how special each of our contributions is to the whole. A place to sound with a variety of instruments especially drums .An intention for the children to feel a positive relationship with music and with their own music. Photos taken of the children at play. A workshop where sound is allowed and encouraged and volume is too!

Liz Russell: Discover Your Heart Beat

Liz Russell: Discover Your Heart Beat

Rachel Ruckstuhl-Mann: Children and Adult Contact Improvisation