Disha: Yoga for Children

Disha is a beautiful soul whose deep spirituality, loving, childlike nature and joyfulness is contagious. She's studied Transformational as well as Traditional Yoga. As a primary school teacher she creatively integrates yoga into the curriculum. She has observed that children are inherently spiritual and her sessions involve working towards helping them deepen that connection deep within using music, drama, art and yogic postures. Prior to teaching, she studied film making and gave up a successful Advertising career to serve underprivileged children in India and work for the Divine. She has since, dedicated herself to teaching and spirituality.

Rainbow Light

We are a Community Homeschool Group that meet weekly to enjoy arts, crafts, music, stories, dance, drama, games and gardening. Some of you want to come and share with the festival children and families. We are based in Kaeo, the Far North of Aotearoa


Circle games – Stories – Arts and Crafts – Poi making

Come over and enjoy!


Come and create a beautiful colorful rock to take back home with you!! It will be fun!

Ramiro: Macrame Workshop ($5 koha for materials)

During the Macramé workshop, participating children will learn some of the basic knots of Macramé, enabling them to complete a piece, such as a bracelet, an anklet or necklace.

Traveling around the world led me to Macramé. Today Macramé brings me to continue traveling. Both are very interrelated to me and give me the same feeling of freedom. Through this ancient art I found my way to express what for me is the beauty. And in the creative process, in the search for beauty and perfection, unique pieces arise. Some time ago I read that when you buy something from an artist, you are buying more than an object. You are buying hundreds of hours of errors and experimentation. Your are buying years of frustration and moments of pure joy. Your are not buying just one thing, you are buying a piece of a heart, a piece of a soul ... a small piece of someone else's life. Come and take a little look inside my heart and my soul through my work.

Tania + Friends: Rainbow Light

Rainbow light will be holding space for children Saturday circle will have games drama fun and poi making then Saturday night we will gather for a blacklight poi jam kids bring your bright or some white clothes you will glow up with your poi.Then Sunday's circle we will have the stone story in the beginning and stone and rock painting with our very talented artist and mumma Rachel.

We can't wait to come share with the Earth-Beat children.


Matiu: Stories for Everyone – Maori Myths and Legends

This story telling workshop will cover some well known and not so well known Māori myths. It is relevant for all ages. While stories are told, people from the audience will act out the story. We all love and need stories in our lives. Matiu has been sharing stories for nearly 20 years.

"Each time I tell them I see deeper into the messages/lessons woven into them that our ancestors left behind for us learn from."


Hannah Tapner: Stories From The Bana Kuma

Storytelling for children and adults.
These mythical stories have been passed on by Chris Berry from ancient tales that are presented to us as wisdom offerings.
The stories feature a variety of characters or archetypes from the different elements; air, fire, water and earth. Each story and archetype presents imagery which offers us if we choose, the wisdom of how we can best connect with our natural creativity and live harmoniously.
(Accompanied with acoustic music)

Fairy Lisa: Fairies and Magic

Magical childrens’ activities with Fairy Lisa from Ivy Cottage Parties.

Fun activities will include a pixie treasure hunt in the forest, making magical wands and pirate flags, blowing magic bubbles, sprinkling wishing dust, flying lessons, adorning kids faces with gems and glitter, nail painting with glittery nail polish and more… Come join in and play at the kids gazebo on The Plains.

Conscious Kids: Little Seeds for A Better Future

Come play and learn about your native bush! Walk through the forest for a nature scavenger hunt and other cool nature based activities! All ages welcome!
Amongst many other cool activities, kids will also be whittling and creating beautiful MANDALAS with colorful natural seeds! Maximum of 20 kids, more if adults accompanying them. There’s no way that we can help children to learn to love and preserve this planet, if we don’t give them direct experiences with the miracles and blessings of nature…so…COME AND JOIN US!


Liz Russell: Discover Your Heart Beat

Children's youth workshop to listen, connect and dance/drum out their heart beat. From relaxation to elation to relaxation again. Children will also learn about the importance of the hearts function and the heart's magical anatomy journey throughout the body.
This workshop could become further extended into producing an art piece with Rainbow light group.

Jamala Smyth: Humming and Drumming for Kids

This workshop is designed to give children of all ages a chance to get up close and personal with drumming and humming. A chance to express through music based on beats and sounds in a relaxed and encouraging environment that stimulates expression of their natural playful creativity and rhythm. A chance to build awareness of rhythm and of each-other... to play with disharmony and harmony both...feeling into what each feels like and of what we choose to create together. A chance to learn how special each of our contributions is to the whole. A place to sound with a variety of instruments especially drums .An intention for the children to feel a positive relationship with music and with their own music. Photos taken of the children at play. A workshop where sound is allowed and encouraged and volume is too!


Rachel Ruckstuhl-Mann: Children and Adult Contact Improvisation

This workshop with use simple games, exercises and tasks to introduce participants to contact improvisation as a way to connect to each other through touch and movement that is fun, creative and respectful. It allows both adults and children to experience supporting another person and being supported, leading and following movement, being on and off balance, trusting themselves and each other, and experimenting with the movement possibilities of their bodies safely.