Frequently Asked Questions


ZERO WASTE EVENT / Sustainability / Regeneration

How can I prepare to help the festival community meet its Zero Waste goal?
Earth Beat is a zero waste event.

Please bring your own reusable plates, bowls, cups, cutlery. We will have washing stations on site. You can find our friendly ZERO WASTE CREW on site for more details and help.

There will be no waste bins on site, this will require all of us to make sure we can make this a reality. We will collect COMPOSTABLE food scraps only, this will be located in the market and camping area.

To make zero waste happen involves a simple practice of considering what to bring and stripping back to the essentials. Use recyclable containers and take other waste that you bring to Earth Beat home when you leave. We can do this!!!

How will my food be served to me if vendors aren’t using single use containers?
In your own dine sets. Please, bring your own reusable plates, bowls, cups, cutlery. We will have washing station on site. Some vendors will offer a plate or cup hire for $1 NZD, Earth Beat will also have an info tent in main area which will have few plates, cups and cutlery for hire, please return clean and washed after use.

What do I need to be aware of so that as a community we respectful for the beautiful land of Atiu Creek?
Fire ban, please avoid fire at any time, don’t leave butts behind you, take any waste you created.

How can I be a part of the future care and regeneration of Atiu Creek?
Conservation Volunteers New Zealand and Auckland Council are doing great stuff at Atiu Creek. Get in touch with them. There will be opportunities for people to chime in and contribute ideas for the 2020 festival. Sign up to our newsletter for more info.


Where is my ticket?
Earth Beat Festival tickets are managed by iTicket. They are delivered electronically in the form of an ePass which is linked to your iTicket account. When you buy a ticket you will receive an email from iTicket with confirmation and instructions on how to access your ePass. You can review your ticket status by logging into your account at any time.

Do I need to print my ticket or can I show it on my phone?
It's best to have your ePass barcode printed and ready when you arrive at the gate. Our technology will also allow for smartphone ticket scanning, but data reception can be patchy out in a field. To save yourself any hassle, print out your ePass. Use the back of an old document to save a tree!

Who do I contact if I have more questions about my ticket?
Check the ePass FAQs first. If you don’t find the answers you seek, email iTicket or call 0508 iTICKET (0508–484–253). All ticketing matters are best directed to them, and they are more than happy to help.

Can I pay with cash or Eftpos at the gate, vendors and other event areas?


What time does Earth Beat start and finish?
The official start time has changed. Gates open from 3pm on Friday — the opening ceremony will be at 7pm. The last acts will finish on Sunday at 6 PM and all attendees are required to have packed–up and left the site please by 8 PM Sunday unless you have a Sunday Camping pass. There's a limited number of Sunday Camping upgrade passes. If you are wanting to stay at the park on Monday night. You will need to book this directly through Auckland Council.

What is the latest time I can arrive at Earth Beat? When do the gates close on Friday and Saturday night?
Gates will be open
Friday 3pm–12am,
Sat 6am–12am,
Sun 6am–8pm

Can I bring alcohol to Earth Beat?
No, please don’t bring any alcohol to Earth Beat — it is prohibited to enter the site with your own alcohol. Our security teams are located onsite to enforce this rule by searching at all points of entry and randomly across the site.

There will be alcohol available for sale. This will be offered in our BORING BAR. (this is the bar name in the festival—it will be near main stage) The bar will offer Hallertau wine and beer from a keg so please bring your own cups. The prices will be affordable. In the past our events have been Alcohol free. However, we also know that some of us like a civilized glass of wine or a beer. We trust that whomever comes to Earth Beat events knows that this is a soulful gathering and not a place of alcohol abuse. Please respect this space and drink responsibly—zero tolerance for abusive drinking.


Do I need to buy additional camping ticket?
Yes. Camping is limited. We have chosen to make camping a addition to the festival ticket and purchased per night. This is for two reasons: 1. The cost of for camping goes directly to the setup of facilities for those who will be staying on-site. There are many people who will be attending but may not stay on-site. 2. There will be day passes available and these people may only stay for one night or not at all.

Is there wheelchair–friendly camping?
Yes. We have a number of accessible campsites, please contact us for more information and to secure your spot.

Can I bring my own sound system?
No. We have a couple of large sound systems across the site to keep you entertained, when these are off, it’s peace and quiet time. Feel free to bring instruments to jam with around the fire or with people around your campsite, but also be respectful of noise in the camping area. There are a lot of families at Earth Beat.

Can I set up my campsite at Earth Beat a day earlier to skip the rush?
Not this time, but yes for 2020.

Can I sleep in my car or bring a camper vehicle?
Yes. But you must still buy a camping pass for the nights you will be staying and park your car in the allocate area for camper vehicles. Sleeping in the general car parks is prohibited and will be enforced by security. There are a limited camping available, so book yours as soon as you can.

If I’m in a camper or car and my friend is in a tent, can we still camp together. What about shaded camping spots.
It’s the first time Earth Beat is taking place at Ātiu Creek. As organisers we are familiarising ourselves with the land. For this reason, we cannot guarantee your ideal camping arrangement. Camping will be comfortable and facilities will be conveniently available. If you do have special requests, we will do our best to accommodate. It is highly advantageous to arrive early (like the first ones there) if you have particular needs you would like to have meet.

Can I stay Sunday night?
Yes, you will need purchase and additional camping pass.

CASH at earth beat

Will there be places to withdrawal cash.
Yes, some of the vendors will also accept eftpos.

Parking Passes

What is the Parking Pass?
Every vehicle entering the festival must have a Parking Pass, including campers vehicles and vehicles people will be sleeping in. The Earth Beat Parking Pass allows you to bring your vehicle into the festival car park and must be pre–purchased before arriving at the festival. It is purchased per night for the same reasons the Camping Pass is purchased per night (see above). You can carpool and save.

Why do you use the Parking Pass system?
We have looked at several other festivals in NZ and abroad and parking pass is proven to cut the number of cars down and encourage people to rideshare/carpool. If we can do more ridesharing/carpooling, we should. It makes Earth Beat less congested and is a more sustainable option.

I am an artist/ performer/ volunteer/ crew–member/ contractor/ sponsor/ vendor, do I need a Parking Pass?
No, but you will need to attend the welcome tent and receive a parking tag for your dashboard.

Why do I have to pre–purchase the Parking Pass ahead of time?
To prevent congestion and queues at the gate. Pre–selling the Parking Pass gives us an opportunity to know how many cars to expect at the festival, ahead of time. This will enable us to create the best access and parking facilities for the numbers that are coming. This also informs us on how much alternative public transport we need to arrange.

Do I need a Parking Pass for my motorbike?