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Welcome to the Earth Beat Festival Blog.

What Freedom Means At Earth Beat Festival

Here at Earth Beat Festival, freedom is at our core. We want people to be their most authentic selves and for our festival to be an inclusive space for everyone. Here, we explore the concept of being free and ask festival-goers what it means to... read more

Two Hearts

What is behind the interwoven hearts of Earth Beat and why does Earth Beat take place on Equinox? Whakarongo, whakarongo, whakarongo ki te tangi o te manu e karanga nei; tui, tui, tui, tuia—Listen to the cry of the birds calling for... read more

Circadian Rhythms: Number One Key to Natural Immunity

How would the idea of waking up with the sunrise, feeling fully refreshed and reinvigorated and ready to step into a new day sound? No high-pitched alarm clocks taunting you; no bright artificial lights or noises to jolt your senses as you start... read more