Sharing through workshops and talks is a massive part of Earth Beat. There will be over 50 Workshops at Earth Beat this year. We’ve only loaded some of them here.

We have some amazing people in our community that will be sharing their gifts and wisdom at Earth Beat 2019; we are looking forward to being guided through some valuable and transformational journeys. 

Check out the festival programme for times (released soon). 



Chewy Wilson

An interactive drumming workshop discovering the rhythms of Africa using a djembe, drums are provided.

christchurch-shooting-a-dozen-critical-49-dead-new-zealand-gun-laws-to-change (1).jpg

Christchurch–A Collective Sensemaking

Mark Feenstra and Thomas Burton

Honouring the tragedy fresh in our minds and hearts, this will be a space to look at and below the surface events. Together we will inquire into our sense of how things are (and how normal is broken in the world and in each of us) and where we each have energy to respond to what we're noticing. This will be a safe space where we'll try to avoid judging or attempting to change or fix others.


Earth Medicine

Jules Bright

Rongoa—Earth Medicine is a window into the magic of Nature and our beautiful relationship therein. We will taste and learn of a few native plants of Aotearoa and truly understand how we can move forward in positive, interactive ways with our health and that of our Planet.


Contact dance Improvisation

Ali Thompson

This workshop will introduce you to the basics of Contact Improv and will give you tools to confidently connect outside a workshop environment, in and out of the dance. You will reclaim your capacity to move naturally with flow and freedom building a connection with yourself, others and surroundings.


Red Tent Women's Circle

Priya Leevers

We will gather in circle to remember our ancestors & acknowledge the wounds of the past. We will honor the cyclical nature of the Cosmos, the Earth and our magnificent bodies. Together we can own our power and lift each other up to our full potential.


Tong Tian Di

Kerry Castell-Spence

Tong Tian Di is a simple, yet powerful Qigong practice to connect us to the universal source energy and earth, clear the energy channels of the body and reinforce the main energy centres or Dantians of the body.


Cacaito Dance

Sia Hu Heka and Herman Saiz

The fusion of these sensory stimuli with cacao, prayer and dance are a potent blend that enable altered states of consciousness and deep healing. You will be guided on a dance journey through sacred sounds, embodying, aligning and dancing your true nature.


Biodanza-Dance of Life

Agnes Cofino & Franco Luciani

“Biodanza is about learning to dance with life and rediscovering the pleasure of living.” Rolando Toro Araneda, Biodanza Founder



Human Design - Loving Your Uniqueness

Christine Spicer

Each person has a unique imprint of who they are here to be. Finding that imprint lets you relax and love your true self so that all the effecting to be who you are not falls away.


Mexica temazcal sweatlodge

Andria Pablo

Temazcal sweatlodge is a sweat bath ceremony that goes from 2 to 4 hours inside the lodge. We go through the medicine wheel sharing chants, oral tradition and meditation.


Restorative Yoga & Sound Healing Journey

Alice Sea, Camila Lenhart & Kati Ludwig

In this deeply nourishing session we will be moving through gentle body postures, heart-opening meditation practices and grounding Pranayama (breathing) exercises which will help to support your immune system, freeing your mind and nurturing your spirit. Alice and Camila will be guiding in with her soulful sounds in music and sound healing utilizing sound frequencies with the intention of bringing the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual body into alignment.


Acro Yoga Workshop (Open Level)

Nicole Allan

Acro Yoga is a practice which blends acrobatics, thai massage and yoga asana. It is an all-encompassing, community practice which can be seen as a metaphor for life. Throughout the practice you will find opportunity to enhance communication, trust and to re-find the innocent play of a child while also building increased mental and physical strength in this often-challenging practice.


Beats Therapy

Monica Evans

Do you have a heartbeat? OK great, you’re in! Join Monica for a playful, feel-good exploration of rhythm and movement. We will draw from traditional West African beats and dances, as well as creative therapies and improvisation, to find new ways to groove and be moved together. All ages and abilities are most explicitly welcome!


Hormone Balance

Amy McComb

Hormone Balance, what it this and are the different levels of this? The transformative processes women go through in their lives; implementing orest aid to support this, physically and emotionally/spiritually…with NZ medicine plants and Native trees.


What the health?

Bastian Groiss

An inquiry into our environment and health with BioImpact—Natural, simple, high-impact changes that align with and unleash your biology.


soul temple

Sia Hu Heka

Awakening the SOUL Temple is an opportunity to unfold and deep into the Soul Mysteries through Embodiment, Ancient Practices, a mixture of Self Exploration, Sacred Dance and Shamanic Rituals. You will have the opportunity to explore 4 personality aspects of the Self and play with different Goddesses and Gods archetypes. FUN & DEEP! This event is for all genders, all bodies and all expression of human.


Awaken, Open and Elevate!

Sarah Campus

Kundalini yoga uses science and sacred technology to activate and restore instinctive creative human potential. Specific breath patterns, mudra (hand positions), mantra and movement will inspire deep transformation and the opportunity to merge your sense of self with the divine universal field of consciousness. Come as you are, no prior experience is needed! Wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring water to hydrate.


Yoga ignite

Brendon Sakey

A morning yoga class to ignite, balance and harmonise body, mind, emotions and spirit. This class will include some dynamic flowing practices, including sun and moon salutations. Starting the day with yoga cultivates awareness of body and breath and awakens vitality so we can flow through the day feeling embodied, present and peaceful.


Deciphering dreams and visions

Sarah Spence

Come along to delve into your own symbology of dreams, learning about what they mean to you personally rather than defined by someone else's dream dictionary. Participants have hugely appreciated the opportunity to discuss their dreams, and transform negative associations experienced.


Homeopathy: The Energy Medicine

Michelle Boyle

Join Michelle in her fascinating talk about Homeopathy as an Energy Medicine and how the Energetic Imprints left from various causative factors, past and present, are eliminated. Learn how you are able to implement this wonderful healing modality into you and your families everyday lives for first aid (Acute) situations, and how just one drop can trigger such a positive and lasting change in ones long-standing (Chronic) Ailments or Symptoms of Dis-ease.


The Neuroscience of Breath

Angela Mastronardi

An understandable overlook with a neurophysiological approach on how Conscious Breathing can activate the self-healing mechanisms of the body, helping and supporting the improvement of health and well-being. A journey into how we can rewire our neurological pathways to build resilience.


Muscle & Bone, Organs & Earth

Rachel Ruckstuhl-Mann

M&B (Muscle & Bone / Mind & Body) is a vigorous, rhythmic, dynamic movement and spatial training system. This workshop will include extra elements drawing from Body Mind Centering and concepts of landscape within Te Ao Maori and Kai Tahu stories.


Rising VOICE

Marlia Tombazou

This is a group music game inspired by the ancient Indian alchemy of Raga, by African heritage singing, by traditional Balkan roots and Middle-eastern soul-speaking melodies, where we use the voice as our only instrument. Participants will work with voice experimentation and sound production, improvisation and expression through spontaneous interaction.



Mataora Hotoke-Takiriki

You will acquire base Taiji moments in a form (a series of movements); their basic uses, benefits and correct postural alignment. In my experience with diligence this creates strength, integrity and increased potential of movement. There are no age restrictions or on your health condition and physical level.


Remember me

Coka Klug

In four clear steps: Ground, Let Go, Reconnect and Open your Heart — Remember Me allows us to ground solidly within our body, dissolve separation and fears, sync with our higher self, and open our hearts.

Coka guides participants on an intimate, inner journey using her gentle, holistic approach to Restorative Yoga and Meditation.


Tibetan Yoga & Meditation

Brian Berneman

Based on Tibetan teachings for living in harmony with physical and universal laws, this practice includes stillness, movement, postures, breathing exercises, mantras and visualization. It teaches us what it means to just be.


Shamatha Breath Meditation

Zac Parish

Start the day at festival with a powerful breath meditation practice. There will be an explanation of the practice, why and how it works to calm the mind and to understand why this is one of the two foundation meditation practices in Buddhism (alongside Vipassana practice). This ancient yet powerful practice helps to bring peace, calm and focus with our lives.


Beyond Sustainability

Leo Murray

Empowered action from a place of love. Join thought leader and sustainability consultant Leo Murray as he reflects on the shortcomings of the environmental movement, adjusts the bar beyond sustainability and re-frames our uncertain future. Awareness around sustainability as a woefully low benchmark, inspiration for action, empowered activism and storytelling, a renewed passion for the transformation of our socio-ecological mindset.


Writing from the Body

Rata Gordon

Creative writing is a powerful tool for personal growth and self-expression. It can help us to gain clarity and become less rigid, to find freedom and move in unexpected new directions. This workshop will offer simple movement and arts explorations to stir up poems and stories, and then we’ll get them down on the page. No experience necessary.


Yin/Yang Flow

Kirsty-May Lillis

This 75 minute yoga class works to reconcile the yin and yang yoga practices in order to bring more harmony to these energies within our bodies.

Combining passive and active asanas with pranayama and meditation for an integrated and satisfying practice.


Soma breathwork

Steve Hill

Join Steve for a powerful SOMA Breathwork journey to awaken you to your full human potential where real magic can happen. SOMA breath is a sequence of therapeutic breathwork techniques combined with incredible SOMA produced brainwave music and guided inner sensing. Steve is also a Shamanic practitioner, Martial Arts Instructor, Bio Hacker, and is passionate about human potential.


The Dance of Life

Lianne Divine

The Dance of Life is the oldest healing dance on earth. A treasured vestige of the time when the planet was all one. It offers attunement for Mind, Body and Spirit. It is an Ancient Native American moving meditation embodying the power of the Four Directions plus Mother Earth and Father Sky.


Laughter yoga

Erika Van Oirschot

We stand in a circle. The ‘teacher’ suggests an easy, quick (almost drama-school like) game to play. Everyone plays it at once (nobody is being watched). The game lasts for 2-3 minutes. Within each of the 13 odd games introduced, we are encouraged to laugh (all sorts of different laughs). Perhaps we will fake it till we make it, until the contagion of other people’s laughter will induce ours.


Mens Heart & Balls Circle

Rayna Love

Heart and Balls! That’s gutsy, or is it? Just what defines us as men in 2019? Can we put our balls on the line, showing strength in our vulnerability and solidarity as brothers in truth? Can we embrace our essence with enthusiasm and a sacred knowingness of who we really are? An invitation for men to gather, share authentically and connect deeply.


Mixed Gender Sharing Circle

Rayna Love & Priya Amy Leevers

An invitation to sit together in circle regardless of gender, be vulnerable and say what we feel without judgement or interruption. Raw honesty between the masculine & feminine however that presents itself. This authenticity creates deep connection! Yin & Yang, male & female, we are here for each other. Facilitated by Rayna Love and Priya Amy Leevers


Ecstatic Dance

Kamal Ortiz

Moving away from driving electronic bass, offered is a sound journey in a safe playground to freely express yourself through authentic movement and using optional flow toys; sock poi, scarves, and hoops.Starting with a long, flowing warm up, then moves through different cultural rhythms to a peak experience, then gently back down to a still meditation. Afterwards we share tea and fruit.


Bone Yoga, "Yoga from the Inside Out"

Paul Cohen

Bone Yoga is a simple and profound addition to the world of yoga. It focuses on releasing tensions at the bone level and slow easeful functioning of our skeletal system. The Bone Yoga Sequence provides a daily practice for exploring and supporting smooth movement and releasing old patterns. Particular attention is placed on the engagement of the ligaments as we move our joints. Bone Yoga is gentle, restorative and intriguing for beginners as well as those who have been practicing for years and will enhance your yoga practice.


Ecstatic Awakening Dance

Julia Alabaster

Ecstatic Awakening Dance is conscious clubbing that incorporates movement to luscious rhythms, meditation and powerful breathing to take you deep into your inner self. Most of the class is with the eyes closed – it is only about you! You can truly dance as if no one was watching. There are no steps there is no right or wrong way to move - it is about listening to your body and your heart and embracing whatever is. As tensions and resistance are released we can experience joy, freedom and bliss.

Compost Collective

Phillippa Beagley

Learn how Worm farming uses composting worms such as tiger worms or red worms to eat through a mixture of food scraps, garden waste, waste paper and cardboard to produce worm castings and liquid fertiliser. Learn how Bokashi ‘pickles’ your food waste, unlike traditional composting where waste is allowed to decay. The Bokashi system produces nutrient-rich compost that you can dig into your garden. Confirmed participants will receive a $40.00 discount toward the purchase of a composting system that can be redeemed online. (Auckland residents only).


Ashtanga Awakenings

Natalie Stettler

Ashtanga Yoga has many reputations but at its core it is a healing and gentle practice that can be used by anyone. It works gently and methodically to tease out restriction and holding in the body and the mind. We start with our breath, it is what connects us to this life, to each other, to this earth. We feel it, listen to it, open with it. Then we begin to move our body, following the rhythm of our breath and gradually releasing our holding, tension and reservations. We begin to feel more free, connected, soft, peaceful. We go inward to close, relax and be still.


Partnered acrobatic movement

Tyran Mowbray

Partnered acrobatics help promote 3 things that are severely lacking in our society: touch, trust and communication. It's also heaps of fun. Come and joke, laugh, learn and grow with Joshua and Tyran who never take life too seriously and always love help people realise that life is so much more fun upside down (or sideways/backwards/inverted/balancing/falling)


Playing with Ho'oponopono

James Crompton

Ho'oponopono is a Hawaiian healing method that is based on the notion that you are responsible for everything in your creation and that by healing yourself you can heal anything that you find wrong with the world. We are going to play with phrases and their application to our own lives and see what we can create by doing this.


African Drumming and doundoun dance

Jimi Dale

Learning the drumming songs and music of West Africa Learn some simple funky African rhythms together so we can play for those who want to try DounDoun dance (which is dancing while playing doundoun drums with sticks together)

No experience necessary just be willing to have fun.


The Fire Within

Tim Seutter

I would like to offer my Fire Within workshop that brings asana, pranayama and connection to our third chakra, manipura and our powe Centre. The workshops uses the “breath of fire” to create heat, focus and Prana to help us travel deep into the body and find strength, purpose and power to unlock our true potential.


Tribal Circle Jam

Emily Macklow & Alice Sea

There is a magic that takes place when people sing together, blending their voices into interlocking harmonies and rhythms. For thousands of years all over the world singing has been a part of life, a way of bringing the community together. Inspired by tribal indigenous singing, Emily & Alice will get the circle singing in three parts to inspire harmony, release, togetherness, and a whole lot of fun.


Easy Raw Sweets without a Blender

Purple Cat - Plant based Goodness

Carolyn McCormack

I will be demonstrating just how quick and easy it can be to make delicious homemade raw sweets - plant based. I will teach how to make quick raw sweets that does not need expensive equipment. These are always well received by not just vegans but everyone! I will also speak a little about why raw foods, and options to add in superfoods. By the end of this workshop everyone will be able to go home and start creating. Samples of the food we make will be shared, encouraging the social element.

Unification through Guardianship

Glenn Phelan

The Manaian Way is bringing social change that reduces peoples cost of living and increases their standard of living using Guardianship rather than ownership which has benefits that far outweigh the system we live under at present. This new system leads to the removal of certain costs of living for us and every generation after us which starts with the cost of housing electricity and water leading to saving the environment as well.


Connecting Through Rhythm (drumming)

John Boone

Interactive group drumming activity where we focus on connecting people through music and rhythm by focusing on creating a deeper level of group focus "Collective Flow". The workshop will focus on teaching a series of simple rhythms which when played together create a more complex composition this can only be mastered when we listen to each other and work together as one. Drums supplied.


Maori Conscious Connection

Wiremu Grace

This workshop offers an insight into a Māori worldview with exercises that strip away the mainstream culture of consumerism and competition to explore the shift into a new paradigm of conscious connection to Papatuanuku, earth mother. ‘Mā whero, mā pango, ka oti ai ngā mahi’ - together we will flourish. Wiremu will use a combination of Deep ecology exercises from Joanna Macey, theatre of the oppressed exercises, readings from Māori authors, Yoga breath techniques, Māori haka movements, waiata and taonga puoro.


Keynote Speaker

Mac Macartney

Mac is an international speaker, writer and change-maker. Mentored by indigenous people over many years, he has acquired profound and original insights into questions preoccupying many contemporary leaders. Mac seeks to inspire the emergence of the leader in each of us, the leader who will take courageous action for a better world. Championing A New Story of Sustainability lies at the heart of this.

Poi Porotiti

Teiaro & Ariana

We will appropriately begin and end our workshop in a circle, holding hands with karakia. We begin by opening the space with a mihi of acknowledgment and gratitude and take time to build connection with each other by introducing our selves. We close this part by waiata, and open the creative space by first starting off with a Māori ice-breaker. This will be a poi workshop. Ariana and I will first explain the fundamentals of poi through demonstration and explanation of the uses and properties of the different poi. We will then hand out poi to the class, and teach a simple workshop. The objective is to leave the workshop with new friends, an understanding of poi, new skills and a waiata.


Asana and Art Meditation

Nichola Jones

90 minutes of Asana Yoga with a Pranayama focus, slowly transitioning into art meditation. You can choose a mandala, blank canvas or bring your own art to work on. Koha appreciated for art materials.


Nourishing Herbal Infusions

Vanessa Mateja

This workshop will focus on nourishing the body with plant medicine and how to incorporate local wild plants and native New Zealand trees into daily life for vibrant health on all levels.

Herbalism is the “people’s medicine” freely available to all and a powerful yet gentle way to heal body, mind, heart and soul.


Tea Ceremony

Toby Gibb

Tea is a source of connection, in fact, “The Great Connector” was one of its earliest names. But connection to what? Connection to silence, connection to ourselves, connection to those in our lives and connection to the world we inhabit. Cloud Hidden are offering you the unique opportunity to make space for this connection. Tea is one of the fundamental herbs in Chinese medicine and has a long and intertwined history with meditation, Zen and Taoism. Come discover why this plant is so central in the cultivation of mindfulness.


Hooptastic Tricks!

Poppy Duncan

Hoop workshop which will cover basics but beautiful hoop tricks that would be accessible to both children and adults alike.